Hands & Feet

Spa Manicure

A healthy relaxing way to promote growth and strength of natural nails.  Includes nail shaping, cuticle repair, polish application and a moisturizing hand massage.

Luxury Manicure

This treatment begins with the regular manicure and adds a moisturizing paraffin mask followed by a warm towel wrap for the ultimate in hydration.

Spa Pedicure

Relaxing treatment for dry and tired feet begins with a soothing foot bath followed by nail shaping, cuticle repair, exfoliation, hydration and polish application leaving you with smooth gorgeous feet!

Luxury Pedicure

Our luxury treatment includes all the elements of our spa pedicure but adds a soothing, hydrating mask and relaxing time spent in warm booties for complete nourishment of tired feet.


This massage focuses on the "reflex zones" of the feet.  Through systematic pressure on these zones, healing effects can be triggered throughout your entire body. A natural way of stimulating your internal organs, increasing circulation and restoring healthy function.  This treatment is very relaxing! Multiple sessions may be required to relieve specific conditions.